CT (Computed Tomography) Technologists

CT (Computed Tomography) Technologists

At Mayo Clinic, we have access to the latest technology with a priority of leading the way in innovation and research, and striving to provide enhanced quality and improved safety to provide the best care to our patients.

When you join Computed Tomography, you will become part of one of the world's leading healthcare institutions working with diverse, multidisciplinary teams to provide the highest quality patient care. In this fast paced environment, you will see a variety of complex cases varying from outpatient, inpatient, procedural and emergency care. Our culture of continuous learning allows knowledge sharing on best practices across all our locations supporting you in the work you do each day giving you options for continuous growth and career advancement both in and out of Radiology.

As a Mayo Clinic employee, nothing is more gratifying than knowing that you made a difference in a patient’s life and in your own life-changing career.

Current Jobs

Job Title Location
CT Technologist Austin - Minnesota
CT Technologist Mankato - Minnesota
CT Technologist Mankato - Minnesota
CT Technologist Owatonna - Minnesota
CT Technologist Rochester - Minnesota
CT Technologist Fairmont - Minnesota
CT Tech - PRN Phoenix - Arizona
CT Technologist Bloomer - Wisconsin
CT Technologist Mankato - Minnesota

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