Information Security

Information Security

Learn from some of the best information security professionals with an internship at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

The Office of Information Security and the many talented professionals who work here are pioneers within the health care industry. They work with the latest tools and technology in host and network forensic investigation, security incident and event management, dynamic malware analysis, threat intelligence, vulnerability scanning, and identity and access management to safely investigate threats to the organization.

Information security professionals are instrumental to meeting Mayo's core value "the needs of the patient come first." Commitment and hard work ensure that they protect and secure Mayo Clinic data, health records, devices and patients, creating an environment in which medicine can be practiced safely and securely.

The Information Security Internship is an opportunity for you to gain hands-on experience while working with Mayo Clinic professionals.

Paid internships are available within the Office of Information Security for undergraduate juniors and seniors and graduate students. Three-month summer programs or semester programs are offered depending on the availability of qualified students. Opportunities may be available to extend longer than a semester, if you have an interest and Mayo has the capacity and budget.

Examples of potential projects, depending on your skills and interests, may include:

  • Help identify opportunities to enhance the security of Mayo's web applications
  • Participate in host and network threat detection and forensics
  • Exposure to network threat hunting and malware reverse engineering
  • Research and report threat and vulnerability data
  • Analyze and remediate malicious phishing attacks
  • Assess security policy exceptions and compensating controls to quantify risk exposure
  • Technically assess applications and underlying infrastructure to proactively identify vulnerabilities
  • Extensive job shadowing
All interns begin with an orientation designed to acclimate them to Mayo Clinic and the Office of Information Security.
Up to three division rotation assignments may be allowed for interns to offer the greatest exposure to all aspects of an information security career.
You will be provided constructive feedback through midprogram and final evaluations focused on the initial learning objectives you identified at the start of your Information Security Internship. Feedback may include:
  • Report on a project's status to your mentor or during department meetings
  • Learn how your work is contributing to the organization
  • Participate in evaluating your strengths
  • Discuss areas needing growth and development
  • Get insight about what work lies ahead
  • Receive performance evaluation on Mayo core values completed by your mentor
  • Deliver final report or presentation on internship learnings and projects
You are encouraged to develop your professional skills by sitting in on meetings and working with employees in other departments for a day.
An associate engineer/analyst position could be offered, if both the student and Mayo Clinic are interested in employment.
  • Hourly pay rate of $20
  • Work email account
  • Mayo Clinic-sponsored recreational programs
  • Discounted tickets to local and regional special events
  • Liability insurance while working

You need to make your own arrangements for housing and transportation.

Options include:

  • Driving or carpooling to a park-and-ride lot, from which you take a Rochester Public Transit bus (Mayo Clinic pays for your bus pass) to the Mayo Clinic campus
  • Taking public bus transportation on Rochester Public Transit (Mayo Clinic pays for your bus pass) to the Mayo Clinic campus
  • Biking
  • Carpooling


Mayo Clinic seeks diverse candidates from undergraduate and graduate programs across the country for the Information Security Internship.

Qualified candidates should be self-motivated, enthusiastic, creative, and enrolled in an undergraduate or master's program in information systems security, information assurance, cyber security or another related major.

How to Apply

Visit Internships and Summer Opportunities and search for "Information Security Intern" to see available positions.

You may also connect with an information security recruiter by emailing